Nun offers a Wellness Collection of Paths, Rituals and Treatments dedicated to wellness, arousing unforgettable feelings and emotions.
With the help of exclusive unique natural origin products by the well-known company Experience, Nun presents a wide range of solutions for the remise en forme of the face and the body.
We offer a range of treatments made unique by Experience products lines and those who wish to try our exclusive services can enjoy the use of the high efficiency Biolux machine. The action of the infrared light works on the cellular metabolism supplying better blood circulation and encouraging rapid detoxification.
Our experienced, professional massage therapists offer personalized treatments, ensuring our guests receive attention, pampering and deep relaxation.
A true caress for the soul.

Download the pdf from the link above for our treatment list.
Please note: We kindly suggest booking in advance so that we will best be able to accommodate you

Special offers

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  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & RESTAURANT - Day Spa

    Starting from € 75.00 per person
  • SPA

    NUN LIFE - Day Spa

    Our midweek special offer!
    Starting from € 35.00 per person
  • Relais


    Night, spa & Concert. From € 145.00 per person
  • Relais

    LAST MINUTE (1 night)

    Valid on July 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st! From € 115.00 per person
  • Relais + SPA

    SPA & DELUXE ROOM- Day Spa

    Nun Path & Deluxe Room in Day Use
    Starting from € 95.00 per person
  • Relais

    SUNDAY FOR LOVE (1 night)

    Starting from € 166.00 per person
  • Relais

    LOVE ESCAPE AT NUN (1 or 2 nights)

    From € 191.00 per person
    A lovely quiet from Sunday to Thursday
  • Relais

    WIND OF WELLNESS (1 night)

    From € 298.00 per person
    Asisium in a night
  • Relais


    Starting from € 456.00 per person
  • Relais

    BE FIT FOR SUMMER (2 nights)

    Starting from € 495.00 per person
    Wellness for body & mind

  • Relais

    HARMONY OF SENSES (3, 4 or 5 nights)

    From € 621.00 per person
    Be fit for summer
  • Relais

    ROMAN ASISIUM (6 or 7 nights)

    Starting from € 975.00 per person
    Discover the Roman Asisium!
  • Relais + Ristorante + SPA


    Create your customized gift voucher!
    Starting from € 35.00 per person

  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & BIO LUNCH - Day Spa

    Nun Path and Biologic Light Lunch
    Starting from € 50.00 per person