Nun Path

Ancient Roman reverence for the spa and body care is relived in our Nun Path.

The Nun Path consists of 4 rooms with different temperatures and levels of humidity: Tepidarium, Calidarium, Sudatorium and Frigidarium. The Path is structured to have an immediate purifying and regenerating effect thanks to the succession of intense or minimal sweating.
Temperature: 30-35° C
Humidity: 60-70%
Relaxing area before entering to the Calidarium and after the path.

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Temperature: 40-45° C
Humidity: 85-95%
Frequency: 2/3 times
Access to the Calidarium is suggested after acclimating in the Tepidarium

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Temperature: about 60° C
Humidity: 45-55%
Frequency: 2/3 times
Access to the Sudatorium is suggested after the Calidarium

Duration: 5-10 minutes
Temperature: 10-15° C
Humidity: about 50%
Access to the Frigidarium is suggested after the Sudatorium

Special offers

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  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & RESTAURANT - Day Spa

    Starting from € 75.00 per person
  • SPA

    NUN LIFE - Day Spa

    Our midweek special offer!
    Starting from € 35.00 per person
  • Relais

    LAST MINUTE (1 night)

    Valid on August 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th! Starting from € 115.00 per person
  • Relais


    Night, Spa & Concert on August 2nd. Starting from € 145.00 per person
  • Relais

    LOVE ESCAPE AT NUN (1 or 2 nights)

    From € 191.00 per person
    A lovely quiet from Sunday to Thursday
  • Relais

    WIND OF WELLNESS (1 night)

    From € 298.00 per person
    Asisium in a night
  • Relais


    Starting from € 456.00 per person
  • Relais

    HARMONY OF SENSES (3, 4 or 5 nights)

    From € 621.00 per person
    Be fit for summer
  • Relais

    ROMAN ASISIUM (6 or 7 nights)

    Starting from € 975.00 per person
    Discover the Roman Asisium!
  • Relais + Ristorante + SPA


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    Starting from € 35.00 per person

  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & BIO LUNCH - Day Spa

    Nun Path and Biologic Light Lunch
    Starting from € 50.00 per person
  • Relais + SPA

    SPA & DELUXE ROOM- Day Spa

    Nun Path & Deluxe Room in Day Use
    Starting from € 95.00 per person