Umbria is a place of ancient agricultural origins, a land mostly known for its hearty aromas, the simplicity of its food and the genuine intensity of its flavors.
The delicious dishes our Chef prepares recount this part of our region’s history: every day, we dedicate great care to the choice of fresh ingredients, such as vegetables and meat, selected from the smallest and best farms in area, according to season to guarantee the utmost freshness.
At the same time, pasta, bread, cakes and ice cream are handcrafted daily in our kitchen.
Eat Out -Osteria Gourmet- welcomes you into its charming arms and promises to please every palate.

Our menu changes frequently to offer you strictly seasonal dishes. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a list of our specialities.

Special offers

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  • Relais

    LAST MINUTE (1 night)

    Valid on July 3rd!
    Starting from € 120.00 per person
  • Relais

    ONLY ON MONDAY (1 night)

    Special Monday
    Starting from € 230.00 per person
  • Relais


    Midweek offer (1-2-3 nights)
    Starting from € 238.00 per person
  • Relais


    Special Weekend (1 night)
    Starting from € 345.00 per person
  • Relais

    PRIVILEGED WELLNESS (1 or 2 nights)

    Midweek offer
    Starting from € 389.00 per person
  • Relais

    YOU & I AT NUN

    Special Weekend (2 nights)
    Starting from € 486.00 per person
  • Relais


    Midweek offer (5 nights)
    Starting from € 1,307.00 per person
  • Relais + SPA


    Valid from 1st July
    From €180.00 per person
  • Relais + Ristorante + SPA


    Create your customized gift voucher!
    Starting from € 35.00 per person

  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & NUN COCKTAIL - Day Spa

    Nun Path & Delicious Aperitif
    From € 42.00 per person
  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & BIO LUNCH - Day Spa

    Nun Path and Biologic Light Lunch
    Starting from € 50.00 per person
  • Ristorante + SPA

    SPA & DINNER - Day Spa

    Percorso Nun & Dinner at Eat Out
    Starting from € 75.00 per person
  • Relais + SPA

    SPA & DELUXE ROOM- Day Spa

    Nun Path & Deluxe Room in Day Use
    Starting from € 95.00 per person